Energy Efficient

with Our Home Performace  Testing and Sealing Services

Hull Home Efficiency, Inc. | Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Schedule your Home Performance Test or Energy Efficiency Test with our professional technician today. The test will establish a baseline for your home and its areas of inefficiency and energy waste.

Step 2: We will perform a complete Energy Audit Test on your home’s interdependent systems to determine the overall efficiency and health of your home. From the information gathered at the test we will provide you with a comprehensive report and bid outlining the existing conditions of your home and our recommended energy efficiency upgrades.

Step 3: Based on your energy efficiency goals and budget, we can help you determine which upgrades we can perform for you today and those which may need to be done at a later date.

Step 4: Hull Home Efficiency, Inc. upgrades your home then retests the home to document the achieved energy efficiency benchmarks.

Step 5: Hull Home Efficiency, Inc. processes all of the incentives for which your work has qualified for. The paperwork is handled by us, leaving you to enjoy the new found benefits of your comfortable, efficient and healthy home.

Step 6: Within eight to ten weeks, you can expect to receive a check in the mail from the rebating entity.

Step 7: Your utility bills will start to decrease and you’ll notice your home is more efficient and healthier. 



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